Our Story

In 2018, I found myself at a crossroads, battling with depression and searching for my purpose in life. As a college dropout from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette who had always worked in the world of retail, I knew I wanted to create something meaningful. With the unwavering support of my boyfriend of 6 years, Luke, I embarked on a mission. My boutique was born out of a journey of self-confidence, a passion for the western/rodeo lifestyle, and a desire to fill a void in our local community.

  • Addressing a Market Gap

    Flux was born out of the realization that the Lafayette, Louisiana market lacked representation for stylish, plus-size western fashion. As a self-proclaimed procrastinator, I often found myself scrambling to find the perfect outfit for events because I hadn't ordered online in time and knew none of the western stores in Lafayette carried plus sizes. I knew I wasn't alone in this struggle, and that's when I saw an opportunity to make a difference.

  • More Than Just A Boutique

    While owning a boutique is my passion, I also know that I was created to do more and I believe in the power of giving back. That's why Flux is more than just a business to me. We actively support causes close to my heart: the well-being of the elderly and our nation's veterans. By occasionally donating a portion of our profits to charities, we aim to make a positive impact beyond the realm of fashion.

  • Embracing Your Unique Style

    The name "Flux" encapsulates the essence of our boutique.
    Just as my personal style is constantly changing, so too is the fashion landscape we offer. We understand that not every day calls for western attire. I knew that I couldn't be the only person who occasionally wants to wear a nice dress, but also craves the comfort of an oversized tee and Nike shorts. Flux is here to meet those diverse style needs.