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The Better Than Good Faux Leather Flare Jeans - Plus Size

The Better Than Good Faux Leather Flare Jeans - Plus Size

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These jeans are the wild horses of your wardrobe – with their faux leather look, they're dressy enough to wrangle the workday but edgy enough to dance the night away in your boots when the sun sets. You're ensured a flattering fit with 3% spandex.

Key Features:

  • Pocket Perfection: Practical with non-shallow side and back pockets for all your secret stashes. What girl doesn't need more pockets?
  • Belt It Up: Belt loops for those who believe in the power of accessorizing or those who just need a bit of cinch power.
  • Easy Closure: A single button with a zipper – because life's complicated, but your jeans don't have to be.
  • Durable Hems: Strong hems for those who stomp to their own beat – dance floor approved!
  • Curve-Enhancing Back Yoke: Because why settle for ordinary when your derrière can defy gravity?
  • Sky-High Comfort: With a 13" rise – it's not just a rise; it's a rise to the occasion.
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